Benefits of our membership for your business

July 22, 2015

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Benefits of Our Membership for Your Business

Running a business is as much about hard work, dedication, and meeting goals as it is about keeping employee morale up, forging stronger business relationships, and presenting your business at its best. Success is as much about drive as it is about the representation of your creation.

Whether it is the celebratory event to mark the first five years of your company, or in honor of the performance of your best employees, or holding a fundraiser to further your cause we have you covered. Hotels Etc. has been working with business of all sizes across numerous industries to get them the best rates available to host their functions and events.

While we book the best venues available at reasonable rates for businesses, we also add value with other premium services.

Benefits of registering with Hotels Etc.

Upon joining Hotels Etc. you will receive a private membership card. This card gives you access to the deepest discounts for everything you can imagine. From travel and recreation to entertainment and fine dining, this membership card will give you access to the best rates.

When you first join Hotels Etc. you will be given the opportunity to try the services we have to offer in a trial account. When deciding to join you can either opt for annual membership or lifetime.

Discounts like none other

The discounts you have access to are available in three different categories, Travel, entertainment, and recreation. You have the complete economical freedom to do anything your business needs with your Hotel Etc. membership card.

As a business

Travel discounts

You get up to 80% discount rates on hotels cruises rentals, vacation homes, resorts

Entertainment discounts

Up to 70% off on restaurants, theme parks, concert tickets, shows, movies, and more

Recreation discounts

70 off on camping, hiking, tours, scuba diving,

Benefits to your organization

We work with all types of businesses

Employee Benefits



Private labels – offer exclusive perks and add value to your services for your most loyal customers

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