How to find the best entertainment discounts

January 20, 2016

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How To Find The Best Entertainment Discounts

Whether you have a family to take care of or just working to cover your own increasingly expensive living costs of today, we all have the same desire to find a bargain from time to time or the best price for a product or service.

Sure, you can wait for a special offer from the local restaurant or a spontaneous promotion from the golf course nearby but why wait at all, when you can obtain discounts for almost everything you need online?

But before we explain how to get these restaurant discounts, golf course offers etc. it's important we remind ourselves of how the act of shopping online for the best prices has changed in recent years;

Changes in the online industry

There's no need to explain how the concept of online shopping has exploded in the past two decades; Ebay, amazon and travel companies such as Expedia had cornered the market for a long time and put many real world stores out of business in the process.

However, the reason for this explosion was the ability of these websites to offer largely discounted prices and special offers but it doesn't take much research to see that the same deals are no longer available to the public.

The best example of this is seen in the travel industry where a new law called ”rate parity” has restricted travel brands, like Expedia, from lowering their prices across different distribution channels. Effectively, it means they no longer have the best price or the bargains they once advertised.

No, it would seem the competition in our online world is reaching the point now whereby many products have a set value and the only way these businesses who sell the products can stand out from one another is by promising a higher level of customer service or a free towel with your hotel room.

So where are the entertainment discounts and special offers?

As outlined above, the best prices regardless of product or service are no longer found on the same websites which once provided them and in fact, if you do purchase through one of the many booking engines in this respect, it is likely you will pay the full price or possibly more.

The way in which you can receive the best entertainment discounts, movie theatre offers, restaurant deals etc is by joining one of the few Membership clubs which remain in the online market.

Although it is predominantly a Company dedicated to providing huge travel discounts, is the leading membership club out there which provides clients huge savings on the huge living costs which you are covering for yourself or your family.

They have 4 Million members, 20 years of experience ad a triple A rating for ay sceptics out there and really, if you are looking to find the best prices or online discounts for anything entertaimentor travel related, then it's worth signing up today for a free trial with this most valuable service.

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