How to find cheap hotels

October 15, 2015

Membership Discount Club

 On a holiday you can be yourself, relaxed and spontaneous. Holidays should be carefree but unfortunately the price of accommodation can really take the fun out holidays. Many of us grew up with the idea that good holidays should be expensive. A cheap hotel is a bad hotel.

Maybe this used to be true but not anymore.

More and more people are discovering how to find cheap hotels and yet find themselves living in top class accommodation with private membership clubs such as Hotels Etc.

The secret is Hotels etc. All you have to do is to join them and good things start happening. All of a sudden you find great discounts on hotel accommodation, visits to the theatre or movies and even when going to theme parks.

As a member you can start your holiday with a smile on your face and end it relaxed and happy after an experience that will be a happy memory forever. This is possible because of the discounts you get as a Hotels etc. member.

Hotels etc. is not the new kid on the block anymore. It has been busy making friends and influencing people for the past nineteen years and in that time it has grown to be the best hotel club on the block. It is in the business of securing discounts which it does tirelessly. This means that Hotels etc. have ongoing negotiations with thousands of hotels and other businesses across the globe to secure the best discounts for their members.

These discounts are passed on to their members. As a Hotel etc member, you get special rates is not available to anyone else. This means that you can go on holiday at half price or even less. Your membership card of hotels etc. can even make it possible to take a cruise at a discount that will surprise you. Membership of this very special hotel club is valuable and your passport to a lifestyle that you have never thought possible.

The process of how to find cheap hotels does not really start when you search for hotel accommodation on booking search engines, The prices you are quoted on sites such as and is for the general public. It may say discounted price, but if there is really a discount in those numbers it is small and hardly worth it.. In order to really score when booking a hotel room, whether for business or holiday purposes, you need to be a member of Hotels etc.

The testimonials on their webpage often echo the same idea: members who have joined without any great expectations, but since that time have saved hundreds or thousands of dollars. A Hotels etc. card opens doors for you. To join visit


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