How to travel long term and make savings

December 14, 2015

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How to travel long term and make savings

Does you your job involve traveling across the United States? Or maybe you plan on this type of travel for your next vacation?

Regardless, have you ever wondered how much savings you could have made on these long term travels or how much further your cash could go on your next trip?

How to travel long term

Whether you travel for business or pleasure there is nothing better than finding a bargain or being focused on getting the best price but this mindset is also needed to make savings on long term travel.

In this sense, it is by remaining frugal and always insisting on paying the best price that you can make huge savings on long term travel. However, not only does it feel good to get the best price and know that you received optimum value, think about it, these savings can greatly lengthen you trip or instead afford you many luxuries along the way that you may not have otherwise been able to.

How to make savings

Unless you have an endless line of family and friends with spare bedrooms waiting for you across the Country, you'll have either needed or need somewhere to stay. Hostels are not so common in the majority of towns in the States so this usually means needing to book a hotel room.

Thing is, how much have you already spent on hotel rooms? It's usually the most expensive part of any trip whether it be for business or pleasure.

The trick to making huge savings over a sustained period is not within finding the best price in a booking engine but rather in finding the biggest hotel discounts online.

You see, the new rate parity law recently introduced to the travel industy has disabled the large travel brands or booking engines in terms of providing the best price for these hotel rooms. This is major travel news as it means that only Travel clubs, who are exempt from the rate parity law, can now offer clients the huge discounts to save on their travels.

The Solution to travel long term and make savings

Thankfully, even in a time when rate parity laws restrict the large travel brands, there is still a solution to paying the huge costs which are always associated with travel and the costs along the way such as meals or entertainment.

Travel clubs such as

Hotels etc is a membership club who are exempt from the laws which are now crippling the big travel brands which allows them to provide huge discounts to loyal customers in return for a small yearly fee. They have an outstanding 20 year reputation to match their customer service.

Amazingly, the rewards extend far beyond just hotel discounts, cruise offers and restaurant deals and it doesn't take log for their clients to discover the incredible value and savings that come with signing up.

If it sounds too good to be true, just check out and watch one of the demonstrations or even better still, get signed up for a free trial and start witnessing how much better this club will make your future trips.

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