How to use Hotels Etc. to maximize travel discounts

May 6, 2015

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Many times our members have asked questions concerning the best way to search for deep discounts in our online booking engines. Many times these questions are related to a specific property, location, event, or holiday. Due to different volumes of travelers during different seasons of the year, prices can fluctuate dramatically from discount to discount and from season to season. In light of this, you may ask yourself, “What is the most effective way that I can search for discounts in order to save the most money. Well thankfully, the humble folks at are here to help so let’s get you started on the path to saving large amounts of money while simultaneously enjoying all the wonderful things the world has to offer.

So let’s get started. First and foremost, login into to your membership account to access our red and blue discount search engines. Now before using your search engine, it is important to have some particulars in order to make the process more efficient and produce the best discounts available. Often when using a booking engine, we already have a date and location that we are specifically interested in. But the purpose of our discount program is ultimately to save you, the member, substantial amounts of your hard earned dollar so let’s look at it a bit differently. Try to determine your intended location with a substantial time period between your booking and travel date. Getting a jump on seasonal prices is a sure way to put cash back into your pocket but is not necessary as you can make last minute bookings just as easy.

Next, when you have a location determined, you can use the booking search engine to find properties located in the intended area and get a general idea of where you would like to stay at. Try to familiarize yourself with searching multiple properties in the location on the date you want to visit and find out which hotel/resort has the best valued accommodations for the best price. When searching the system try not to isolate your search to one particular property because another property that is right down the road could have better star ratings and a nice property that you can get for less than where you want to stay. By keeping your mind open when searching the system will ensure that you will receive the best discount possible.

This will provide all the real time discounts in that area and gives you an idea of what kind of price range you’re looking for. After you’ve found a location that you’re interested in, start searching the dates you intend to travel for that location. But keep in mind that the more flexible you are with the dates you can enter to travel, the greater the chances are of you finding a deep discount at a great location. Remember that when utilizing our search engines, be sure to check both the red and blue engine as one may be able to save you more money versus the other depending on the location, date, holiday etc.

Finally, when you have found a destination and multiple properties that you are interested in, we can start to search the dates that you intend to travel. This is the tricky part as prices can change dramatically depending on the time of year and volume of travelers a location receives. This is why it is important to create your reservations far in advance and to have some room for leniency to accommodate any unforeseen problems. Many times a property can have a much better discount just by searching a date only a few days changed from the intended date. We understand that in some cases it might be impossible for you to change your travel dates that is why we encourage you to keep your mind open when searching properties. If you are custom to staying in 5 star properties then you can break the search down to only show 5 stars at which point you can find out which property is offering the biggest discount. You can expect to receive up to 80% off the public booking rates if you use the system the way we suggest in this article.?Keep in mind when you are on vacation we encourage you to use your Hotels Etc. membership for additional discounts at restaurants, theme parks, golf, museums, dinner shows, recreation, movies, entertainment and more.

In Closing, Hotels Etc still offers some of the best discounts on travel and entertainment since 1996, and finding you a great deal is our main priority. So by following a few of these search guidelines, make your travel experience with Hotels Etc a memory that will last a lifetime. Stay tuned for additional articles that will show you how to help maximize your savings with Hotels Etc. To learn more visit

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