How to Afford Trip Across US

December 16, 2015

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How To Afford A Trip Across The US

Adventure is Everywhere

Naturally we travel to find new experiences. To get away from the humdrum of conventional life and take a break from the routine but understand this; travel and adventure, are not far away places.

There doesn't need to be a Boeing aircraft involved or days spent trying to reach an exotic part of the world. The very essence of travel or adventure simply involves going somewhere or doing something new and these opportunities are everywhere.

Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans, Chicago. These are places with something unique to offer, be it a trip to the Grand Canyon or a night in the city that never sleeps; People travel from all over the world to experience these places yet those who live in the same Country don't seem to consider them for their own vacation.


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Unfortunately, you will not see a whole lot on television about these wonderful places on our doorstep. No, the travel brands would rather you believe that places such as Hawaii, Europe or Australia are the only places for a real vacation. Places which can be extremely expensive to reach.
Well don't believe everything you see in the media..

There are equally new and equally amazing trips to be had closer to home and here's exactly how you can afford it:

Avail of Discounts & Huge Savings

Obviously there are still costs involved. It's not just the fuel or car insurance if you are driving; It's the hotel rooms, the Golf course fees and the cost of living which can make something such as eating out, feel like an investment in itself.

Keeping in mind that the online booking engines and travel brands no longer provide the lowest prices on the market, the best way you can afford your vacation today and the one small decision that will make you huge savings for your trip, is to avail of discounts for everything. The hotel rooms, the meals, the golf courses and much more.
Hotels Etc is a Company who has been providing such discounts to their 4 Million members over the past 20 years and with them being in a position to offer the best discounts, they are now reaching the forefront of the online travel industry.
Essentially, Hotels Etc negotiate these huge discounts for their clients with the hotels, restaurants and other service providers. With discounts of up to 60% they are obviously saving their members a huge amount but when you add all of these savings up over the duration or a week or two week long vacation, they are a Company are making it possible for people to take vacations, that may not necessarily have been able to in the past.
So get signed up to Hotels Etc today, begin planning your vacation across the United States and start discovering all the hidden gems on your doorstep, for fraction of the cost.

World travel doesn't come cheap but if you live in the United States, there are so many amazing places to see closer to home which can make for a genuinely memorable vacation.


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